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Alti +

"Reply as close as possible to your expectations", so we could sum up the spirit of Altipiani.

The Alti + are a multitude of services and facilities for free or bet against a small fee to you.

We have deliberately chosen to limit stays with starts on fixed dates. Needless to come on a Saturday or Sunday, you choose yourself the day of arrival. You start your trip, by yourself or accompanied the day that suits you the best. A last minute wish? Our flexible structure allows to respond quickly to your request.

You want to integrate some hiking or training on specific dates, but can not be present on the meeting day (often late afternoon). We prepare your material and you join us tomorrow. You must leave after the last activity, you are already housed ? We recalculate the price.

The duration of our stay is often longer than offers from our colleagues. Indeed, we prefer to give you an appointment the day before the begining of activities at the end of the afternoon, which allows us to go to your accomodation, to meet each other and to install ourselves. Your travel day is tiring and delays of ships or aircraft are common, so it is unrealistic to think be very active the first day. Similarly the last day, there is always a constraint that makes your day of activity greatly reduced.
That's why we prefer the day before the arrival and departure the day after the last active day. This is felt on the price but the quality of your stay is our priority.

Alti hikes 

Some circuits such as the famous GR 20 or the Mare e Monti are a must for hiking in Corsica. We also offer combined or completely different paths, less traditional but perhaps the most charming in an "other" discovery of our landscapes. Unique tours, we also selected the accomodations and meals for their quality, when the choice was possible.

Alti hiking is the opportunity to rent an GPS with a trace of your hike, its highlights. With this system easy to use, you know your position in real time on an IGN base map. It allows you to discover unusual paths.

Dakota or Oregon Model by Garmin. Autonomy of about 16 to 20 hours. Comes with simple instructions and rechargeable batteries.

Alti climb 

Alti Grimp is the possibility to forget his climbing gear at home. Altipiani offers free all technical equipment, harness, belay system and even shoes

You're in a climbing stay, you want to take home the equipment of your first "performances" : it is for sale.

Alti canyon 

The technical equipment is of course provided, but Alti canyon is the loan of special canyon shoes for canyon stays.For day activities we rent these shoes for € 2 or € 3. You want to immortalize those unforgettable moments? We rent waterproof cameras and you go back home with your memories stored on an SD card.

Alti bike 

Alti bike is to rent a bicycle with confidence. Altipiani revises and controls its bikes after each rental. Want to browse the area? Itineraries are proposed to you with a description of the routes and the loan of a map. The bike is rented with its repair kit and a helmet.

You want to rent a GPS? It's possible.

Dakota or Oregon Model by Garmin. Autonomy of about 16 to 20 hours.
Comes with simple instructions and rechargeable batteries.